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10 Best Paint to Hide Imperfections in 2022

You’re a cheerful person and always fancy colorful paints over your surfaces. But, you get concerned as moisture and mildew ruins your wall and ceiling. Searching to and fro for the solution? You’ll probably get bored!

No worries, we’re here to solve your problem. Since we created a list of the best paint to hide imperfections. We hope you'll discover your desired upshot among our opted products. So, no further delay, jump to the product description and pick yours.



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Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex

5 out of 5

Red Devil 0542

5 out of 5

Dupli-Color BSP100

4.5 out of 5

Kilz Premium Latex Primer/Sealer

4 out of 5

Rust-Oleum 334195

4.5 out of 5

Top 10 Best Paint to Hide Imperfections

Testing over many paint products, we’ve been able to list these 10 best paints for you. Well, it was a pretty tough job to deal with. Subsequently, we tried our level best to isolate each product for you. Buddy, to help you catch the best match, we went through several test measures and made sure of each one's eligibility. No worries, pick any of the below products and satisfy your needs.

1. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex

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If you’re very keen to hide defects of your surfaces such as plaster, wood, metal, and non-glossy ceramics, then this can be your perfect match. Well, Rust Oleum Latex has its own significant feats to do so to cover up your needs either way. So, let’s dive in.

Regardless of other paintings, Latex paint offers you a bit thick coating to secure your surfaces from probable threats and keeps it glossy all the way. Rust Oleum gets you the premium quality latex paint with this canister, by which you can keep your masonry, plaster sturdy, and congested beyond weather conditions.

Similarly, when you’re allergic to paint odor, it hampers your workability due to a number of snitches. No worries, this paint is completely water-based and lessens odor dispersion along with repelling chips. So, you get no harm to your health while coating your surfaces.

Plus, Rust Oleum, with this canister comes up with fast dry tech and gets your jobs done within 30mins. So, you've free hours and don’t need to wait for long to check whether it dries enough or not. Well, this allows you to coat up to 120sqft that is cool again.

However, to maintain the quality of the pigment, Rust Oleum provides you the quantity within a metal can. And, quality paint hides your imperfections effectively and makes it smoother than before. Well, it tends to work well on sanded surfaces. We recommend using 180 to 200 grit sandpaper for sanding before coating.

Highlighted Features:

  • Latex paint provides extraordinary protection for all surfaces
  • Comes with water-based acrylic and disperses less odor
  • Fast-drying tech for quicker job completion
  • Metal can secure pigment quality
1 qt Rust-Oleum 1994502 Almond Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint
  • Use for a variety of indoor and outdoor project surfaces including wood, metal, plaster, masonry or...
  • Water-based acrylic formula is low odor, resist chips and provides long-lasting protection
  • Covers up to 120 sq ft and dries to touch in 30 minutes for quick project completion
  • Gloss finish provides a fresh new look for surfaces, goes on smoothly and provides excellent hide

2. Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling

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You discover smaller nail holes on your beloved surfaces and it irritates your eyes. Well, at this point, Red Devil’s Lightweight Spackling can trick you well. The specialty of this paint is, with a single application, you can fill your smaller holes with intensified looks.

Well, Red Devil comes up with a stucco white grout formula and offers you the compatibility of working well on the mosaic and ceramic tiles. So, you feel relieved protecting your surfaces. Plus, it works great in wiping out holes like nail holes, dents, and cracks.

Likely, Red Devil 0542 spreads too fast due to its pre-mixed feat and allows you to finish your wall coating like the pros. The best part is, it works great on its first application. So, it makes you frugal in the other way with its single application and getting your jobs done in no time.

Yet, it comes up with easy cleanup tech with water. You can paint your wall and ceilings or other exterior surfaces including plaster, particleboard, and wood with one application of it. And it dries out in 2-3 minutes. Rather, it gets you no shrinking, cracking, or ragging of the surface with its single usage.

However, it becomes phenomenal as it inclines no sanding of surfaces before applying the paint on. This means, you save your time in painting works and invest in another task. No worries, it doesn’t lessen your surface durability but gets you durable for its stucco tech.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stucco white grout formula works properly on ceramic tiles
  • The pre-mixed formula for faster works
  • Single coat application for interior and exterior pulls out the better
  • Induces no sanding but enhances durability
Red Devil 0542 ONETIME Lightweight Spackling, 1/2 Pint, White, 8 Ounce
  • INTERIOR & EXTERIOR USE: Can be used anywhere around the home
  • SPREADS EASILY: Apply with any putty knife for a professional looking finish
  • WON'T SHRINK OR CRACK: Requires only 1 application to create a permanent, long lasting repair
  • NO SANDING REQUIRED: Simply smooth the repair flush with the wall and you're done

3. Dupli-Color BSP100 Gray Primer

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Among the available paints in the market, Dupli Color provides you the most satisfactory feats of using it instantly. Unlike others, this tends to be profound with easy application tech and minimizes your work time.

Dupli Color comes up with pre-reduced quality and offers you instant spray-able paint. So, you need no extra combination like thinner to make it squeaky before application on surfaces. Whoa! This tech reduces your workload and offers ease of coating fast.

Likewise, with this product, you've fast dried out feats for quicker application. You know, painting on surfaces requires enough time for drying out first coat. But my friend, this pigment offers you faster dry out which means you can paint within an hour after your first coat.

Plus, Dupli Color with this canister, provides you water-based paint so that your plaster sand gets wet properly and it fills your surface pores effectively. Well, its applicability doesn’t shorten only to plaster but you can coat your wood, masonry too. And, it works well on automotive exterior projects incurring less time.

Nonetheless, Dupli Color provides you a quart-size canister to hide imperfections of your surfaces for covering a larger area. But, it has some kind of nose and eye irritating ingredients. So, we recommend using proper protective equipment before starting to paint surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Allows instant spraying due to Pre-reduced quality
  • Fast-drying tech with easy application pulls out jobs quickly
  • Water-based tech wets surface sands easily
  • 946ml to cover larger area coating
Dupli-Color BSP100 Gray Paint Shop Finish System Primer - 32 oz.
  • Pre-reduced, ready-to-spray lacquer
  • No mixing or reducing required
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • No recoat window, reapply at any time

4. Kilz Premium Latex Primer/Sealer | Best Paint to Hide Imperfections

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In painting works, the primer/sealer is applied for better protection. Well, Kilz Premium is a type of latex that works well for both interior and exterior and pulls out the best of your surfaces look. Application of Kilz Premium intensifies your security hiding the imperfections.

Well, you may be concerned about hiding the defective stains of your surfaces that have scratches and other pimple problems. No worries, Kilz Premium Latex, has a water-based formula that is stain-blocking to enhance your chances of hiding the annoying defects effectively and efficiently.

Kilz Premium Latex has a specialization, its mildewcide tech repels the appearance of mildew and offers you the best guard against mildew, chips, and mold. Plus, it gets you smooth finish by sealing smaller holes flawlessly.

Besides, its greater adhesion tech enhances your opportunity to coating your drywall, plaster, masonry, woodwork, and paneling. Plus, it features you to apply to the high-humidity zones such as bathrooms. It creates an additional layer and sticks to the surfaces.

However, Kilz Premium comes with a properly sealed metal canister containing a quart quantity to cover enough area. This amount allows you to coat up to 300-400square ft. And this is a game changer for both interior and exterior surfaces with its 40 years of tradition.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-based formula seals surfaces and hides stains
  • Provides mildewcide protection for better safety
  • Adhesion tech to support interior and exterior surfaces
  • Supplies a quart quantity to cover enough area

5. Rust-Oleum 334195 Finish Milk Paint

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Milk paint works well on surfaces with a quality finish. But the question is, which brand to choose. Well, we discover Rust Oleum performs best during our testing. Unlike others, it offers you some explanatory workaholic feats that are mind-blowing in terms of restoring antiques with preferred color.

Well, Rust Oleum is best known for its healthy conditioning of pigments. By which you can enjoy a soothing working hour without any sneezes. Unlike others, it offers you low odor tech with water-based tech. So, with this, you get an eco-friendly health concern quality paint which ensures no side effects on your physique.

In terms of recoating, you remain in a queue as most of the paints dry pretty slowly. But buddy, Rust Oleum Milk Paint pulls this out within 30-60 minutes. And this is phenomenal. So, you can coat to protect incurring less time and you also have the option of faster clean up tech with water and soap, if it goes wrong.

Similarly, with this can, Rust Oleum offers you the adhesion feat which tricks well on high-humidity areas and on the antique furniture. So, you wish to restore your antique as it bears the tradition of your family. You can easily do this using milk paint of Rust Oleum.  

Yet, Rust Oleum provides its milk paint with a sealed metal canister for better application. By the way, it keeps paint quality with a quart-size which allows you to cover up to 125sqft. Plus, it gets you texture matte to apply with brushes and glorifies the vintage look.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water-based low odor formula offers safe painting
  • Fast-drying tech for quicker recoating
  • Adhesion feats better support for antiques
  • A quart size sealed canister keeps quality of the paint
Rust-Oleum 334195 Milk Paint Finish, Quart, Venetian Yellow
  • Use to accent details on interior décor and furniture with a unique brushed effect
  • Water-based, low VOC, low odor formula cleans easily with soap and water
  • Covers up to 125 sq. ft. per quart, dries to the touch in 30 min and ready for recoat in 2 hours
  • Durable paint features excellent adhesion in a one-step buildable coating, making it easy to finish new,...

6. Kilz Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

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If you wish the paint to protect your exterior surfaces like fence and others. Then, you need a various type of coating as it remains under the open weather conditions. Well, Kilz Exterior Siding is the master of this solution as it is made of oil-based formula.

Well, your siding exterior surfaces need better adhesion and a bit thick coat to protect. Kilz Exterior Paint comes up with oil-based tech that offers you desired adhesion and longevity in varied conditions. So, you get all along with this canister to protect and enhance the sturdiness of your siding, barn, and fence.

Besides, Kilz Exterior Paint provides you better protection from problems like cracking, peeling, and blistering. Thus, you've higher chances to apply it on the vertical exterior surfaces, stucco, masonry, and sand glossy surfaces.

Plus, it gets you the easy cleanup features for unexpected mistakes. You can wash it up using regular water and soap. And, it dries in between 2-3 hours, a bit slow comparing others and you can recoat within 6-8 hours once it dries. But, spending this amount of time you won’t regret as it will get you an enhanced look.

However, Kilz Exterior Paint comes up with a gallon size sealed metal can so that you've the quality paint to coat your surfaces. With this amount, you can easily cover up to 200 square feet area.

Highlighted Features:

  • The oil-based formula ensures better adhesion
  • Provides higher resistance from cracking, fading and peeling
  • Easy clean up features water or soap wash
  • 1-gallon sealed metal can for maintaining quality
KILZ 10211 Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint, White, 1-gallon, 1 Gallon (Pack of 1), 128 Fl Oz
  • A good exterior paint offers coverage and protection against the elements, while adding beauty to outdoor...
  • This paint features a unique water/oil base formula for exceptional adhesion, versatility, and longevity...
  • Use on vertical exterior wood surfaces as well as masonry, stucco, and sanded glossy surfaces. Remove...
  • This paint dries to the touch in 2-3 hours. Allow 6 to 8 hours of drying prior to recoating.

7. Homax Roll On Wall Texture White

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White color always gets you the catchy look over the used surfaces. But, using appropriate white color enhances longevity and other protection also. Well, we’re talking about choosing the best manufacturer among the remains. Homax Roll On surfaces at this point rounding up some measures.

Homax Roll On Wall Texture offers you faster work with cheerful decoration over your wall and ceiling. Well, it induces no combination before paint and saves your time. That means it’s pre-reduced, all you need to do is start coating with an applicator. Plus, it provides you smooth painting experience with a perfect finish.

Likewise, you don’t have to be concerned about attaching those annoying masks to your face since it offers you low odor. Well, you can paint your defective surfaces without further sneezes. So, with this can, you've the bio-grade and eco-friendly ingredients to work on.

Plus, Homax with this wall texture paint enhances your chances to create unique patterns on your surfaces. You just need to use variant applicators like brush, paint roller, etc. So, you get an enhanced textured look on your surfaces hiding the imperfections.

However, Homax Wall Texture comes up with a plastic container with 2-gallon paint. And this is mind-blowing in terms of covering the larger area. You can create a number of coats using this on your wall and ceiling covering up to 150 square feet and it dries out within an hour.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ready to use the formula for fast and smooth decoration
  • Low odor tech for healthy working
  • Creates a unique texture pattern with variant applicators
  • Double gallon size to cover a large area
Homax Roll On Wall Texture White, Smooth Decorative Finish, 2 gal
  • Ready to use, roll-on smooth wall and ceiling decorative finish
  • Use with various applicators to create a variety of unique texture patterns
  • Hides surface imperfections on interior walls and ceilings
  • Low odor, paintable, whistle

8. Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

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Latex paint is always preferable to hide imperfections and to create perfect protection against mildew, blister, and other surface problems. Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint differs from others available in the market due to its interior specialty. Unlike other paint, it is focused on interior walls, ceilings, and other staff.

Well, Glidden’s ceiling paint offers you better coating for your interior walls and ceilings with its quality latex. As a result, you've an enhanced looking wall and ceiling to cut visitors' sight with its quality finish. It makes your surface smooth enough with enhancing protection.

You know, spatter creates additional chips and makes the surface wear off. Glidden, with this package, enhances your surface protection by resisting spatter. So, by using this one, you've the resistance and no liquid splashes can harm your interior surfaces.

Plus, with this canister, you've the low odor paint that doesn’t disturb your nose and a respiratory organ. And you can paint smoothly because of this feat using no mask on your face. Also, it gets you the eco-friendly ingredients that render no effect over the eco-system.

Whatever Glidden offers you quality paint by sealing it within a metal canister. And it enhances your chances of having the high-end paint to cover up to 200 square feet with it’s a gallon paint. So, with this canister, you can guard your interior wall and ceiling efficiently.

Highlighted Features:

  • Latex paint to coat effectively
  • Ensures protection by resisting spatter
  • Low odor features health issues
  • Metal can to cover larger area with quality paint
Glidden Interior Latex Ceiling Paint, White, Flat,1 gal
  • Excellent Hide
  • Spatter Resistant
  • Minimizes Surface Imperfections
  • Low Odor

9. Homax Roll On Paint Texture Additive Suede Mix

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We can't help including this additive suede. Because mixing this to paint gets you the best texture on surfaces though it’s not a liquid paint. We were overwhelmed with the outcomes after testing this one. Well, Homax’s Additive Suede works extremely great in hiding imperfections.

Unlike other paint available in the market, it requires mixing to the pigment. Mixing this additive suede happens in no time. When it comes to application on surfaces it spreads well and smoothly.

Similarly, Homax with this additive suede creates a high-end texture to any paint. So, you just need to mix this to any paint and then apply on any interior and exterior surfaces. Well, you’ll get better texture and finish on your desired surfaces by adding this to any paint.

Now, if you've any regular paint and that impels you to a disadvantaged position of hiding no imperfections. Then, Homax’s additive suede helps you out in this journey. Because it thickens the paint and covers the pores of surfaces hiding imperfections smoothly and effectively.   

However, Homax offers you an 8oz amount of additive suede and you can mix it to a gallon paint. And, it enhances your ability to cover up to 159 square feet. The entire package comes with a 2.64 x 7.52 x 8.34 inches dimension weighing 10.9 pounds.

So, cover your surface imperfections swiftly using this and have a smooth finish with intensified looks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Less mixing time yet provides smooth surface
  • Creates high-end texture to any paint
  • Covers pores by thickening the paint
  • Supports to cover 159 square feet
Homax Group 8424 Roll On Paint Texture Additive Suede Mix with One Gallon Paint
  • Use on walls and ceilings to add decorative appeal to any room
  • Easily covers slight imperfections in the wall
  • Package mixes with one gallon of paint resulting in a light finish

10. Seal Krete Floor -Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating

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For concrete coating with protection, beauty, and durability Seal Krete cuts special sight due to its some quality feats. Well, concrete walls and ceilings get vulnerable to water, moisture, and salt at this regard Seal Krete Floor-Tex tricks well and creates better protection particularly in this sector.

Seal Krete Floor-Tex 40 comes up with non-slip texture paint, by which you can expand the sturdiness of your wall and ceiling. So, it offers you texture pattern paint on your surfaces with a smooth finish. But its non-slip coat on the wall and ceiling appears to be an appealing gaze. 

Unlikely, Seal Krete differs itself by offering custom color preferences. That means you can choose your preferred color among the variant dyes. And this is fantastic because you can pick your desired color while others in the market offering you the specific colors only.

When it comes to the resistance, it induces moisture, water, salt, and mold protection. Well, these are common problems to the concrete surfaces but Seal krete repels effectively. As a result, you've prolonged durability or your interior and exterior surfaces.

Moreover, Seal Krete comes up with 2-gallon plastic container, by which you can cover up to 600 square feet with a single coat but double coating makes it half. Well, it provides you fast drying feat so that you can recoat within 2-3 hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-slip textured paint to enhance durability
  • Custom colors for making a better choice
  • Comes with moisture and salt resistance feat
  • 2-gallon container to cover a larger area
Floor -Tex 40 Textured Concrete Coating (Custom Color)
  • Hides Imperfections, Stains & Discolorations.
  • Non-Slip Decorative Finish for Concrete & Masonry Surfaces, also suitable for wood stairs.
  • Resistant to Moisture, Salt, Chlorine and Oil. Meets ADA Requirements for Non-Slip Coatings.

Comparison Table of Top Paint To Hide Imperfections

Having a busy schedule? Take a look at the below table for quick comparison among the opted paints.




Drying Duration


Rust-Oleum Painter Latex




Red Devil 0542 ONETIME




Dupli-Color Gray Primer




Kilz Premium Latex Primer




Rust-Oleum Finish Milk Paint




Kilz Exterior Siding Barn Paint




Homax Wall Texture White

1 gallon



Glidden Latex Ceiling Paint

1 gallon



Homax Paint Additive Suede

1 gallon



Seal Krete Floor -Tex 40

2 gallon



How to Choose Paint to Hide Imperfections?

The market is full of paints and it differs depending on color and texture type only. But you need to hide your surface imperfections. At this point, you need to concentrate on some issues and comtemplate some facts. Well, only then you can pick your best match and able to hide your surface defects. No worries, get known to the below facts, and pick your desired piece.

Water Based or Oil Based

As we’ve mentioned prior that choosing the paint to hide imperfections is a tough task. But, before choosing your preferred color you need to go through the paint type is either water-based or oil-based.

Well, water based paints cover the surface pores well and it’s a modern days paint that hides defects perfect. Plus, it gets you the charming color on your concrete, metal, and on other exterior surfaces.

On the contrary, oil-based paint does the same but suits best for the interior and wooden surfaces. Perhaps, it gets you the color but a mild texture and creates a bit minimal coating.

Primer or Other

In the market, you'll discover paints of a lot of kinds like primer, sealer, and others. But you need to know what actually these kinds mean. Well, a primer works well on the defected surfaces like a worn out, moisture or mildew surfaces. Since applying primer requires sanding and it repels the most common problems of the surface.

However, the sealer does the same but for recoating primer is the best choice and enhances durability.

Low-voc or No-voc

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. This harmful chemical is released as the paint dries. And it endangers your lives. So, make sure you go through the label before purchasing and pick the low-voc or no-voc one.

Low Odor or no Odor

It’s pretty similar to the low-voc and no-voc. But all you know that raw paint strews odor. At somewhat it becomes annoying and harmful for respiratory organs. So, make sure you choose the low odor or no odor one to keep yourself safe during coating. And it’s eco-friendly too.

Drying and Recoating Duration

Well, it’s one of the most important things to consider. After painting on your surfaces, it puts you in lurk due to its drying time. And, after spending a certain time you can recoat. However, this incurs your valuable time and energy.

Nowadays, you can discover fast-drying paints. So, it won’t require you to wait. Normally, drying duration varies from 30 minutes to 2/3 hours. So, check the dry out time and recoating duration for fast coating.


1. What is Used to Give Color to Paint?

Ans: Adding pigments spread color to paint. Well, there remain two kinds of pigments- Prime pigment and Extender pigment. Prime pigment works well to both dry and wet and it hides properties.

2. Do You Need to Seal the Walls Before Painting?

Ans: Yeah, all new surfaces like plasterboard or drywall require sealing with a sealer or primer. But if it is chalky and semi-smooth then you need to sand it with high grit sandpaper.

3. Does Paint Get Too Old to Use?

Ans: In some cases it does but solvent paint has around 15 years of shelf life while latex paint has the 10 years of shelf life. So, make sure you use paint before this age.

4. How do You Paint Without Leaving Brushstroke?

Ans: To achieve no brush stroke smooth paint, use a high-quality brush, make it thin adding additive mix, always use the strainer, and leave it enough time to dry.

Wrapping UP!

Painting makes your surfaces look great and enhances its durability creating an extra layer on it. But all you need is the best paint to hide imperfections of your interior and exterior surfaces.

Since you’re here, you’ve known the required facts and our opted products to hide the imperfections. We recommend, wear protective equipment before painting as paint contains a chemical that may occur harm to your respiratory organs. Happy coating!

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