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10 Best Furniture Polish for Antiques : Reviews for 2022

Are you looking for the best furniture polish for antiques but no luck yet? Then you've finally come to the right place.

We know how precious those antiques can be. So, taking care of them is a must if you wish to preserve them for as long as possible. However, if you do not have the right tools, things can get pretty messy.

To help you in your journey, we will share with you the most effective antique furniture polishes on the market today. We will also go over some general tips on what you should look out for when you need a furniture polish.



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Howard ORS016

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5 out of 5

Howard FW0016

4.5 out of 5

Weiman 95 Wood Polish

4 out of 5

Daddy Van’s 100 Antique Polish

4.5 out of 5

Why You Should Polish Antique Furniture Regularly?

We know it is easy to forget about the maintenance of the wood. Life can be pretty tough sometimes.

So, it is not shocking to overlook such things.

But if you spend a little bit of time doing regular maintenance, you'll be pleased with the results.

Polishing antique furniture is a must if you wish to preserve the wood for as long as possible. If you do not take care of it regularly, the wood will start to lose its stunning shape.

Accidents are bound to happen at some point. For example, spills are pretty common. Whether it was caused by someone spilling juice on the antique furniture, or lack of maintenance, they can be hard to remove.

Not only that but in the worst-case scenario, you'll end up spending plenty of money.

Because of that, we recommend anybody that wants to preserve a piece of antique furniture to polish it consistently. It does not take much time, and your wood will thank you for it.

Don’t worry about your money going to waste! Throughout this guide, we will look into the highly efficient polishes for unfinished wood furniture.

This way, you'll be able to discover the furniture polish you've been looking for all this time.

So, here are ten of the most productive wood polish for antiques:

Top 10 Best Furniture Polish for Antiques

1. Howard ORS016 Wood Polish for Antique Furniture

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As our first furniture polish, we have Howard ORS016 as an excellent choice for best antique furniture polish.

The most noticeable feature of this furniture polish that you'll notice right away is how shiny it makes surfaces when you first apply it. Those are some great results that can be quite hard to discover nowadays.

We know how annoying it can be to deal with drying wood. The wood slowly begins to look old and scuffed and makes you feel hopeless as you watch your stunning antique lose its shape.

But with this furniture polish, preventing drying and any fading that it might experience in the future is not a problem.

Another thing we really like about this furniture polish is how simple it is to use. All you need to do is spray the area you wish to protect, and you're pretty much good to go.

As for the speed of this furniture polish, we have noticed that you start to see results right away as it quickly removes any surface dirt that it finds on its way.

If you're concerned about this cleaner damaging the appearance of the wood, it will make you delighted to know that it does not leave stains behind. It penetrates into the wood while conserving its original look.

And finally, to add a fresh aroma to the antique, this cleaner has citrus oils. This way, your antique will smell good no matter what.

  • Shiny surface
  • Nice aroma
  • Easy to use
  • Does not damage wood
  • Restores sheen


  • Not suitable for wooden swords
Howard Products ORS016 Orange Oil Wood Polish, 16 oz
  • Polishes all wood furniture to a nice shine with a pleasant fresh scent of oranges
  • Conditions finished and unfinished wood surfaces to a beautiful, natural glow using real orange oil
  • Polishes and helps prevent drying and fading of all your wood furniture including kitchen cabinets,...
  • Easily removes surface dirt and dust without drying out or harming the wood

2. GDMONIN B08C2KZ7JN Wax for Antique Wood Table

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This time we have a natural and powerful polish for wood from GDMONIN. GDMONIN is a company that has continued to innovate and create excellent and efficient cleaners for wood.

What is the best wax for antique wood furniture I can use? The GDMONIN is the most efficient wax you can use for antique wood as it makes it look brand-new again.

Harsh chemicals can damage the stunning antique that you've been trying to protect for the past years. To distingue themselves from hard chemicals, GDMONIN offers this cleaner, which is made up of pure beeswax. This way, you'll not have to worry about damaged wood.

Losing hope over old and damaged wood is a feeling we can all relate to. The wood served well for a lot of years, but it came to an end. However, GDMONIN offers us a great solution to this trouble by ensuring their product brings the furniture back to its old days at home.

With a simple yet powerful design, this wax for wood furniture allows anyone to clean their wood in a short amount of time without unnecessary steps. So, if you get a product from GDMONIN, you'll not spend countless hours just to get the right results.

As for the aroma of this wax, you'll be pleased to know that it has a fresh smell. When you first apply it, you'll smell that sweat honey aroma it gives. So, you'll not have to worry about strong odors at home.

  • Beautiful results
  • Fresh scent
  • Natural components
  • Safe for use
  • Immediate results


  • Has a hard time holding up to heat

3. Howard FW0016 Antique Furniture Polish

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Now, we meet with the sturdy furniture wax for antiques from Howard. This company sells excellent resins for wood, and this happens to be one of those.

With a mixture of excellent components and ease of use, Howard offers us the best of both worlds. With this wood polish, you can finally bring that old wood furniture back to life.

And to protect the wood furniture for a lot of years to come, this wood polish adds a protective layer to the wood, which keeps it from drying and any possible damage it might encounter.

But that is not all there is to the magnificent wood polish. For example, if your wood furniture has lost its stunning sheen, you can use this wood polish to bring back that shiny look.

Even if your wood is still in perfect shape, by adding this wood polish, you'll get better results than you already have.

Another great feature this product offers is that it does an excellent task of preventing cracking on the wood. Water spills on the wood furniture could lead to cracking on the surface, so this is a great product to prevent that from happening.

And finally, to get the most out of this wood polish, all you need to do is apply it on any wood you wish to restore and then rub it back and forth on the surface you wish to re-establish. Once you do that, you'll start to see results in less than 20 minutes.

  • Sturdy performance
  • Simple but powerful
  • Brings back brightness
  • Enhances wood furniture
  • Prevents cracking and fading


  • This product is flammable
Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish & Conditioner, 16 oz, Orange, 16 Fl Oz
  • Polishes all wood surfaces to a soft luster with a protective coating of Carnauba Wax and Beeswax
  • Introduces conditioning oils that “feed” the wood and helps keep it from drying and fading
  • Enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood
  • For use on antiques, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, wood doors and trim, etc.

4. Weiman 95 Wood Polish for Antique Furniture

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Now, let us introduce you to Weiman and why this company sells high-quality polish wipes for wood furniture.

Weiman 95 is the best oil for antique wood furniture for anybody that needs excellent results right away.

It is also a company that has been in the market for quite some time now. And it has proven to have excellent products for those folks who need to restore their old wood furniture.

And what’s even better, it knows how you can make beautiful products to remove scratches on damaged wood. For example, to restore a scuffed-up timber, you need to apply it on the desired wood, scrub it back and forth, and watch as it restores the wood.

Another desirable trait on this wood polish is that you can use it in a lot of various kinds of woods. Because of that, we strongly recommend this wood polish. You can safely use this product on any wood, and it will not damage the timber.

The most mind-blowing thing about this product is how well it covers up the wood. For example, it adds a protective layer to the wood, protecting it from the UV rays. This way, you do not have to worry about the wood fading or cracking over time.

Hate greasy surfaces after applying a wax? Don’t worry! With this product, you'll get a professional and shiny look without adding an oily top. So, say goodbye to any potential sticky surface.

  • Easily removes dust
  • Beautiful results
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Gets rid of scratches
  • Adds a protective layer
  • Sometimes leaves a streaky surface
Weiman Wood Cleaner and Polish Wipes - Non Toxic For Furniture To Beautify & Protect, No Build-Up,...
  • Restore - Micro-filling technology removes scratches while forming a protective scratch resistant layer
  • Versatile - Can be used on any wood surface, rejuvenating a beautify shine with no sticky residue.
  • Safe - Plant based ingredients that's safe for kids and pets to walk on after the solution has dried
  • UVX-15 - Sunscreen protects finishes from damaging UV rays to prevent fading, drying & discoloration.

5. Daddy Van’s 100 Antique Polish

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Do you need to get the best results? Rest assured! Daddy Van’s really excels when it comes to polish for antique wood furniture. It takes a various approach to the average wax and restores the old wood furniture you had given up on.

Do you wish to get the best results as soon as possible without relying on harsh chemicals? Then you'll adore this product from Daddy Van’s.

Not only does it restore worn wood, but it also protects the surface of the wood by adding a shield on top of the wood. This way, you won’t have to worry about further damage in the future.

Another great benefit of buying this product is that you can safely use it in the kitchen, without freaking out about any possible side effects from this product. And it is also safe around your family.

Besides being a safe option for the family, you can also use this product to brighten your wood furniture needs. For example, even if the wood you wish to restore does not seem to be in great shape and lacks that stunning sheen, with this wood polish, you'll get it back.

And to top it off, you do not need to use the whole product in one go. All you need to do is apply a small amount with a rag and then rub it back and forth on the surface you wish to restore. After that, you'll start to see results.

  • Safe product
  • Excellent results
  • Easy to handle
  • Works on any wood
  • Restores long gone brightness


  • Remains sticky
Daddy Van's All Natural Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish Non-Toxic Odorless Wood Wax Nourishes...
  • MAKE ALL THE WOOD IN YOUR HOME stunning AGAIN – Natural beeswax wood conditioner renews, nourishes,...
  • FOOD SAFE AND BABY SAFE – Our non-toxic ingredients are safe to use on items that come into contact...
  • BEAUTIFUL CHALK AND MILK PAINT FINISHING WAX - Odorless, non-hazardous, and water-resistant sealing wax...

6. Therapy 8541814765 Antique Wood Polish

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Therapy 8541814765 is an ideal choice for fast results. It allows you to clean any surface you need to bring back to life safely and quickly.

There is nothing better than a good wood polisher that helps you get the task done instantly. If that is what you're aiming for, then you'll adore this product from Therapy.

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with spills and stains. And when they have been around for some time, it gets even worse. But with this product from Therapy, you'll not feel anxious over a spill ever gain.

To ensure the wood stays in great shape for a lot of years to come, this product adds a protective shield to the wood. This way, the wood will not experience drying or cracking.

What really stands out about this cleaner is how it takes care of the wood and does not leave stains behind. Finding one that does not damage the wood can be somewhat hard as most wood polishes rely on toxic chemicals.

One thing we enjoy about this product is that it does not leave any build-up after using it. Some cleaners, unfortunately, make the surface sticky, which can be quite annoying. However, with this excellent product, you'll not experience such things.

  • Cleans and protects the wood
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Does not leave a slippery finish
  • Polished results
  • Easy to use


  • A little bit pricey
Therapy Furniture Polish & Wood Cleaner Kit 16 oz. Cabinet and Table Restorer
  • Superior wood cleaner and furniture polish that leaves a brilliant finish
  • Safe for cabinets, antiques, teak, tables, chairs and more.
  • Easy formula wipes away grease and grime while restoring original finish.
  • Free of beeswax and orange oils that can leave surfaces sticky with residue.

7. Word Class Promotions B07XC8HQ2T

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Focusing entirely on performance, World-Class Promotions offer us an excellent antique wood polish for those folks that need to clean up their furniture.

We get it, build-up residue from using a wood polish is quite annoying to deal with for anybody. The wax residue makes the wood look awful. And it feels sticky. But after using this wood polish, we can safely say that it does not leave any wax residue.

One of the most noticeable things about this wood polish is that it works like a charm on wood. So, if you've a moisturizing trouble going on, this product will do the trick for you.

We can't talk about this product without bringing up the fact that it can restore damaged and colorless wood. You know that old wood you had given up on a long time ago? With this wood polish, you can bring it back to life without thousands of dollars.

A fragrance that smells nice and makes people compliment your house—that is precisely what this product has to offer. After testing it for the very first time, we noticed how nice it smells once you apply and let it do its job.

And to top it off, this product does not leave unwanted residue behind after you apply it. And you'll not have a greasy surface after the wood polish does its job.

  • No fingerprint
  • Smells great
  • Zero build-up
  • Excellent results
  • Simple but powerful


  • Cannot be used with microfiber clothing
The Original Bee's Wax Old World Formula Furniture Polish - 3 Pack
  • Use it on wood, leather, marble, granite, wrought iron, stainless steel, glass and mirrors
  • Leaves no fingerprints
  • Has no wax buildup over time
  • Requires no buffing

8. Conrads B00DMC01QQ

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After spending several hours doing research, we finally came across an excellent option, probably the most affordable wood polish for antique furniture.

An interesting fact about Conrads is that the formula behind this product has been around for roughly 200 years. So, it is not surprising that it works so well on wood.

As time goes by, more and more companies are slowly moving away from toxic and harmful chemicals. And this company is not an exception to this rule. Their wood polish is 100% made of natural components such as plants and seeds.

To restore the beauty of your precious wood: there is no other better wood polish than this one from Conrads. Its magnificent and powerful formula allows this product to break into the wood and slowly turn it back into its original and stunning form.

Are you concerned about this product causing damage to your wood? Rest assured! With this efficient and safe wood polish, your wood will not get damaged, nor will it lose its stunning form.

If you wish to remove all cracking on the wood—give this product a try. It will slowly make all the cracks disappear into nothingness. And it is an inexpensive way to do so.

The cool thing about this product is how compatible it is with a lot of kinds of woods. For example, it works with pretty much any wood you need to maintain. So, don’t worry about compatibility.

  • Remarkable results
  • Natural components
  • Incredible results against cracking
  • Safe to use
  • Adds a protective layer


  • List ENo long-lasting effectslement
Conrads Wood Food Oil (16 oz)
  • 100% natural. Made from plants, roots, herbs and seeds. Non-poisonous and non-flammable. Note: contains...
  • Made in the USA by a small family business since 1903. The formula has been passed on from family to...
  • Safe and marvelous for all wood such as cabinets, paneling, furniture and antiques. A favorite among...
  • Wonderful natural woodsy smell. Effectiveness proven over centuries of use. Restores the natural soul and...

9. Old English 8541814761 Polish for Antique Wood Furniture

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As our ninth polish for antique wood furniture, we have a well-known product from Old English. One of the main reasons we chose this product from this company is how well it stands out from the crowd, and it does so by selling high-quality products.

Trusted by a lot of consumers worldwide, it introduces us to a simple and safe to use indoor wood polish.

One of the most relevant things for any wood polish in the market is a good scent. After all, nobody wants to walk into a place that stinks. As such, we chose this wood polish. It has an enjoyable smell that will cheer up your day.

This product is the ideal wood polish for anybody that needs to clean several various kinds of woods. Whether it is tables, desks, and even chairs, it sets you up with the right product.

Is your wooden Japanese sword or wood furniture lacking the brightness it once had? Then fear no more! This one has a lot of other things to offer besides having a pleasant smell.

With this product from Old English, you can get back that brightness your wood once had.

And if that is not enough to convince you, this product also makes sure your wood remains as strong as ever by adding a protective shield. So, no need to stress out about spills or stains over time.

  • Compatible with all kinds of wood
  • Fresh scent
  • Strengthens the wood
  • Adds a shiny appearance
  • Excellent deal


  • Can be too perfumy for some folks

10. Gilboys B019ECWYBM

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Last but not least, we have the Gilboys B019ECWYBM, which is an excellent wax for an antique wood table for anybody that needs mind-blowing results right away.

No other wood furniture polish in the market can hold a candle to this one. With a powerful formula, this wood polish can bring back the original look of your wood furniture.

A good wood polish will clean the wood, but an excellent wood polish will protect the wood for as long as possible. And that is what this well-made furniture polish will do for you.

There is nothing to loathe about this wood polish—especially since it is environment-friendly furniture polish. So, no need to worry about toxic chemicals causing health issues.

When you leave anything outside, and it gets exposed to the sunlight, chances are the color of the wood will start to fade. To prevent that from taking place, this furniture polish holds up pretty well to the damage caused by the sunlight. So, don’t worry about sun-bleaching ever again!

Never has it been this easy to apply a wood polish. You do not need to use half the bottle to get any relevant results. To successfully apply the furniture polish, you need to apply a little bit of the component to the wood, and you're good to go.

And finally, we adore how this wood polish is well sealed. This way, you'll not have to worry about the polish drying up over time.

  • Delightful results
  • Sun resistant polish
  • Long-lasting layer
  • Restores damaged wood
  • Brings back colors


  • Need to wait 24 hours before you can buff

Best Antique Furniture Polish Compression Chart





Multiple Uses

Wood Damage


Howard ORS016

Nice aroma

No build-up



Restores sheen


Fresh odor

No build-up



Shiny surfaces

Howard FW0016

Good smell

No build-up



Shiny surfaces

Weiman 95

Nice aroma

No build-up



Shiny surfaces

Daddy Van’s 100

Nice aroma

No build-up



Shiny surfaces

Therapy 8541814765

Pleasant aroma

No residue



Shiny surfaces

Word Class Promotions B07XC8HQ2T

Nice aroma

No wax residue



Shiny surfaces

Conrads B00DMC01QQ

Natural smell

No oil residue



Shiny surfaces

Old English 8541814761

Fresh smell

No wax residue



Shiny surfaces

Gilboys B019ECWYBM

Fresh smell

No residue



Shiny surfaces

Antique Furniture Polish Buyer's Guide

So far, we have gone through a couple of furniture polish. But now it is time to share a few tips to help you buy a wood polish.

Knowing these will allow you to discover the best furniture polish for antiques, and this way, you'll get your money’s worth.

So, here are three tips for finding the most efficient furniture polish:

Protective Shield

For some reason, most people seem to overlook this feature. And sometimes they might not even be aware of this.

It is easy to fall for those wood polishes that can clean and restore antique wood. I mean, that seems like a good deal, doesn’t it?

However, some wood polishes add a protective layer around the antique wood to protect it for as long as possible. Having such a feature will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

You do not have to worry about consistent maintenance since the wood polish will take care of everything for you.

Next time you wish to get a furniture polish, make sure it adds a layer to protect the wood.

Sticky Surface

Unfortunately, some wood polishes make the surface of the wood quite sticky. While they might get the task done, it is frustrating to get sticky wood.

And it kind of defeats the whole purpose of cleaning the antique wood since you now have to discover a way to get rid of that sticky surfaces.

It is not easy to tell whether the wood polish you plan on getting makes the wood sticky. So, we recommend looking up any furniture polish you wish to get and discover what other people are saying about that product.

This way, you'll know if you're about to make the right purchase.

Natural Materials

The best polish for antique furniture is the one that does not contain a lot of toxic chemicals. If you look into the substances that most wood polishes use, you'll soon realize how perilous and harmful they can be.

When we first went through a couple of wood polishes, we noticed how hard it is to discover a 100% natural wood polish.

But before you go down that rabbit hole and get one of those with toxic chemicals, you must realize how perilous they are for indoor use. They can be flammable—and you do not want to deal with that.

So, we recommend taking a good look at the label of the product you wish to get and discover if they use natural materials. If possible, make sure it is 100% natural.

Otherwise, ensure it uses the least amount of chemicals.

Top 5 Antique Furniture Polish Brands on the Market

After reviewing the best wood polish for antiques and its alternatives, we concluded that there are mainly five brands to comtemplate if you plan on getting a functional wood polish.

So, here are the five brands that we trust:

1. Howard

This company is the best choice for wood polish. They sell high-quality wood restoration products, and despite the quality their products provide, they are inexpensive.

So, if you ever get a product from them, you'll get your money’s worth.


If you need wax polish, GDMONIN is an excellent company that will meet your expectations. Their products are 100% natural, and they have a fresh odor, which is great if you loathe strong odors.

3. Weiman

When it comes to removing scratches, you really can't go wrong with Weiman. This company lives up to what its products promise.

Its products provide an excellent scratch protective shield to prevent future scratches on the wood furniture.

4. Daddy Van’s

There is so much we can talk about this company, but the main thing they excel at is restoring your antique wood. Once you apply their products on antique wood, you'll get a lovely and radiant surface.

5. Gilboys

Lastly, we have Gilboys on our list for antique wood polish. What makes them stand out from other brands in the market is how their products prevent drying and cracking on antique wood.

So, if you wish to protect your antique wood, this is an exceptional choice.

How to Apply Polish on Your Antique Furniture?

We have tried a lot of methods before applying polish on antique furniture. While some of them did live up to our expectations, some of them were not good enough.

So today, we will be showing you how you can apply polish. This way, you'll not make the same mistakes as we did.

So, here is what you need to do:

To apply a polish on wood, you need a few tools that will make the task easier. So, here are the things you need:

  • Steel wool—we will be using the steel wool to rub the wax on the surface we want to restore.
  • Mineral spirits—this will ensure we get the best results by cleaning further.
  • Sandpaper—the sandpaper is essential as we will sand the surface when we apply mineral spirits.
  • A sponge—we will wrap the sandpaper around the sponge as we sand the surface.

Those are all the items you need to follow this guide, so make sure to get them before you get started!

1. Apply the Mineral Spirits

Using mineral spirits is our first step to successfully applying antique furniture polish. The process is pretty straightforward, but you still need to know a few things. So, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Before you apply the mineral spirits, make sure you're working outside. Otherwise, use the mineral spirits in a well-ventilated room.
  • Now apply the mineral spirits on the surface of the wood. You don’t need to use half the bottle here. As long as you apply a little bit of it, you’re good to go.

Once you've completed those steps, you can move onto the next part.

2. Wrap the Sponge

Now what you need to do here is wrap the sandpaper around the sponge. This way, you'll have more control over the area you wish to sand. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Once you wrap it around the sponge, you need to rub it back and forth on the surface where you applied the mineral spirits.
  • Do not go too hard on it as you might damage the wood.
  • Keep doing this until you've covered the entire wood surface.

By the time you finish doing this, you can move onto the next step.

3. Apply the Polish

After you've gone through all the previous steps, you need to apply the polish on the antique wood. To do that, here is what you need to do:

  • Get the steel wool and put the wax on it.
  • Grab the steel wool and rub it on antique wood. This way, the wax will act as a lubricant. So, don’t worry about scratching the surface.
  • Make sure you cover the entire surface. By doing so, you'll buff off any imperfections on the surface.
  • Also, if you're doing this on a table, do not forget about the edges.
  • You will know when you finish as by then you'll have run out of wax.
  • And finally, when you run out of wax, get another steel wool and rub on the surface again. This way, you'll get rid of all the excess wax on the surface of the wood.

This process takes some time and effort, but the results are worth the trade-off. Don’t feel bad if you spend lots of time trying to pull it off; you'll get there!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you've any questions about wood polish for antiques? If so, in this section, you can discover the most common questions about antique polishes.

1. What Can I Use To Polish Old Wood Furniture?

Ans: The best way to restore or take care of old wood furniture is by getting a wax for wood furniture. They are not expensive, and anybody can apply them.

2. How Do You Restore Weathered Wood Furniture?

Ans: To restore weathered wood furniture, here is what you need to do:

  • Get sandpaper to wrap it around a sponge. By doing so, you'll have more control over the sandpaper. Alternatively, if you've a sandpaper block, you can use it too.
  • Now rub the sandpaper against the surface you wish to restore.
  • After that, you need to stain it and then apply the wax.

3. How Do You Protect Antique Wood Furniture?

Ans: You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to shield antique wood furniture. All you need to get is wax for wood furniture. By applying this formula to the wood, you'll create a protective layer of wax.

4. How Do You Restore Wood Without Sanding?

Ans: Here is what you need to do to restore wood without sanding:

  • Get a wood polish.
  • Apply the wood polish on the wood you wish to restore.
  • Use a cloth to rub the wood polish against the surface.
  • Once you've covered the whole area, get another piece of cloth to wipe off any residue.

By doing this, you'll restore wood without using sandpaper.

5. Is Vinegar Safe To Use On Wood Furniture?

Ans: If you only have vinegar at home, you can use it on wood furniture to clean it. And, since vinegar is an excellent product to clean wood furniture, it won’t damage the timber.

Final Words

Did we help you discover the best furniture polish for antiques? We sure hope so!

As you can tell by now, there is plenty of things you need to take into account before you buy a wood polish. Although it is time-consuming, it is worth the extra time you spend.

To help you even more, here is our favorite wood polish and why we chose it:

  • Howard ORS016—we adore how simple and mighty this product is. It has just about every feature you need on a wood polish.

If you end up getting the wood polish from Gilboys, you'll be entirely delighted with your purchase.

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